About Chiquimiau

helping kids to create a unique world

through play and imagination

Chiquimiau shows kids that they can be anything they want. A scientist, an artist, a chef, a superhero or a cat with a bee pattern on its body and unicorn hair. The sky is truly the limit. 


As kids play with chiquimiau they create fantastic worlds in their imagination, they think of who they would like to be, and they simply enjoy play time.


Parents can learn so much about their kids just by watching them playing. Chiquimiau is that friend that your kids will have meaningful conversation that would give you a pick into their inner world. 


All parents experience the disappointment when our kids receive a toy, they really looked forward to having but after a couple of days max, they forget about that toy and never play with it again. That why we created a monthly subscription for Chiquimiau that would encourage your child to keep playing with their toy. 


Through Chiquimiau’s monthly subscription kids enjoy new activities and prompts that encourage them to explore and learn through play. 


Chiquimiau is not trying to be like everyone else. It’s unique, colorful, and inspiring. Chicquimiau and the content that comes with the toy creates a judgment free space that allows kids to be who they truly are. 


If you want your child to be confident in who they are, Chiquimiau is here to help you do it. This adorable staffed toy comes with a world of empowering content: stories, animation, play prompts, creativity books, and more. 


As parents we all want our kids to have healthy and positive relationships that allow them to grow as confident healthy people. Chiquimiau offers your kids the type of relationship that is not only embracing and accepting just as they are but is also empowering them to become anything they wish to be.