Once upon a time, there was a 3 year old boy who loved his best friend very much.  They both loved cats and called each other “Kitty”.  The little girl’s fourth birthday was coming and the little boy wanted to give her the most especial gift of them all: a customized rag doll cat, as unique as her personality. “She is my kitty” he said “I want to give her a kitty” he told his mother, who had been a sculptress for over 20 years, but had never made stuffed animals.  She was puzzled… how was she going to do that? but she couldn’t say no to those big, deep dark eyes with the longest eyelashes she had ever seen, so she took onto her sewing machine and designed the first rag doll cat, with soft pink dotted minky fabric and mismatched fabrics for the arms and legs, a long slender body and big eyes, just like the little boy’s.  “Too skinny” he said, disapproving the first model with a frown.  Mom went back to her sewing machine, applying all the knowledge her grandma gave her when she was little, in that old sewing machine with a big loud mechanic pedal in that old house grandma herself designed, with uneven ceilings and windows embellished with curtains made by herself. Mom made a new cat, still pink with mismatched fabrics, big curious eyes, colorful ears and tail and long embroidered whiskers… only this time it was not skinny but rather triangular. “Perfect” he said with a glowing smile.  He hugged it with such tenderness, charging it with love and said “It’s Chiquimiau”.  He carefully put it in a box with fucsia and lavender tissue, wrapped in a beautiful white satin ribbon, ready to be opened by a very special birthday girl with wild red hair, deep blue eyes and a smile that fills your heart with pure joy.

After the birthday party, the little boy and his sister asked for their very own Chiquimiau and they chose the fabrics, making each one unique.  One thing led to the other and on the first year, over 100 Chiquimiaus were sold all over the world! both children and grown ups love to design their very own Chiquimiau and take it to places like The Grand Canyon, Chichen-Itza, Singapore, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Mexico City and even the very top of the Kilimanjaro.

Little by little, Chiquimiau has shown a curious personality and likes trying new things, knowing new places and trying all kinds of food. Loves Instagram and having pictures taken with friends and places around the world, enjoys warm hugs and is always there to hold your hand and listen to you at all times, as only true friends can.

What costumers say

It is a beautiful and different well made stuffed animal. My 4 yr old just love it and she was so happy that she was able to choose the fabrics.

- Nynemi Caballero, Texas

Thank you, my Buttercup is so adorable! you made my dream come true!

- Jaspreet Hans, Singapore

Loved my Chiquimiau. Very well made and worth the price!

- Cindy Hecht, New Jersey

Taking my two children on road trips with their Chiquimiaus is like having an extension of home, they spark their creativity, curiosity, confidence and love

- Monica Mendiola, Mexico


Give your Chiquimiau a unique personality by choosing the fabrics of the body, arms and legs, C’mon, be creative! Don’t feel the inspiration? Choose from the amazing pre-designed Chiquimiaus!


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: every custom made Chiquimiau takes 10 days in the making from ordering to shipping. Can’t wait? choose from the awesome pre-designed, unique Chiquimiaus