ChiquiChef Kids


ChiquiChef is a masterchef of the best pancakes, either flour or mud.  The cook of the most unique dishes using the most amazing ingredient: IMAGINATION!


Choose from 2 different sizes, colors and genders and enroll in our monthly subscription for an experience that will change your kid’s relationship with food.


Month by month, ChiquiChef will be your child’s best companion, starting conversations and role-play inspiration about ingredients and their origin, simple and healthy recipes of make-at-home dishes with ChiquiRecipe Book, as well as fantastic ones to prepare on the playground with the best toy food.


Subscribers will receive:

  • Recipe books*

  • Food Activity Books

  • Coloring books

  • Picture books

  • Toy food

  • Toy accessories

*Allergy-free option available


ChiquiChef reminds kids that healthy food not only is important, but it is absolutely fun! And just like that, without even noticing, ChiquiChef subscribers will develop a stronger and healthier relationship with food and free play.