For the kid that doesn’t seem to stop, ever… or the painfully shy and skittish, SuperMiau is their best friend: Adventurous, courageous and energetic.


A character that has no shame in sharing its weaknesses and emotional challenges  and how they overcome them, so kids can learn from its example, ChiquiLucha is a real-life toy superhero!


Choose from different sizes and genders and enroll in our monthly subscription for an experience that would blow up your kid’s imagination!


Month by month, ChiquLucha will share adventures through the fantastic town of ChiquiVille, discovering their secrets and facing bigchallenges.

Subscribers will receive:

  • Comic books

  • Mystery Solving Books

  • Coloring books

  • Picture books

  • Toy accessories

  • Challenges, riddles, puzzles and more!


To remind them that inside every kitty, there’s a courageous superhero that can use all of its energy to face any challenge!