Chiquimiau Right Leg


Choose the fabric for my right leg! there’s over 80 options to chose from!

01. Tiny red polka dots01. Tiny red polka dots02. Scarlet02. Scarlet03. Candy Snow03. Candy Snow04. Black Paws04. Black Paws05. Candy Cane05. Candy Cane06. Groovie06. Groovie07. Ka-pow!07. Ka-pow!08. Red Chevron08. Red Chevron09. Dancing hearts09. Dancing hearts10. Magenta corduroy10. Magenta corduroy11. Magenta Rebozo11. Magenta Rebozo12. Colorful roses on Magenta12. Colorful roses on Magenta13. Cyan Watermelons13. Cyan Watermelons14. Coral Butterflies14. Coral Butterflies15. Felt ladybugs15. Felt ladybugs16. Sleepy Birds16. Sleepy Birds17. Flower Flannel17. Flower Flannel18. Happy Owls18. Happy Owls19. Glittery Hearts19. Glittery Hearts20. Let It Snow20. Let It Snow21. Coral Tie Dye21. Coral Tie Dye22. Orange Stripes22. Orange Stripes23. Mapa Mundi23. Mapa Mundi24. Honey Bee24. Honey Bee25. Bumble Bee25. Bumble Bee26. Yellow Polka Dots26. Yellow Polka Dots27. Pink roses on Yellow27. Pink roses on Yellow28. Yellow Rebozo28. Yellow Rebozo29. Stained Green29. Stained Green30. Squiggle Green30. Squiggle Green31. Chevron Lime31. Chevron Lime32. Polka dots Lime32. Polka dots Lime33. Ladybugs33. Ladybugs34. Gingham Lime34. Gingham Lime35. Sage Animals35. Sage Animals36. Lime Foil36. Lime Foil37. Tiffany Cupcakes37. Tiffany Cupcakes38. S’mores38. S’mores39. Chevron Turquoise39. Chevron Turquoise40. Turquoise Tulips40. Turquoise Tulips41. Multicolored Paws41. Multicolored Paws42. Navy Blue Stamps42. Navy Blue Stamps43. Denim back43. Denim back44. Denim44. Denim45. Denim Butterflies45. Denim Butterflies46. Blue Demon46. Blue Demon47. Baby sharks47. Baby sharks48. Turquoise foil48. Turquoise foil49. Ocean49. Ocean50. Navy and turquoise stripes50. Navy and turquoise stripes51. Glowing Stars51. Glowing Stars52. Fireflies52. Fireflies53. Navy and yellow tartan53. Navy and yellow tartan55. cozy cottages55. cozy cottages56. Roses on Cyan56. Roses on Cyan57. Seuss Ovo57. Seuss Ovo58. Pre-hispanic Blue58. Pre-hispanic Blue59. Lavender Foil59. Lavender Foil60. Eggplant Corduroy60. Eggplant Corduroy61. Wine Stars61. Wine Stars62. Violet Dots62. Violet Dots63. Lavender Butterflies63. Lavender Butterflies64. Violet Chevron64. Violet Chevron65. Lilac Flowers65. Lilac Flowers66. Amethyst Butterflies66. Amethyst Butterflies67. Purple Squares67. Purple Squares68. Purple Corduroy Butterflies68. Purple Corduroy Butterflies69. Purple Silver Leaves69. Purple Silver Leaves70. Violet Sparkly Felt70. Violet Sparkly Felt71. Felt Birds71. Felt Birds72. Xmas Joy72. Xmas Joy73. Ocelote73. Ocelote74. Corduroy Owls74. Corduroy Owls75. Amoeba75. Amoeba76. Red and gray tartan76. Red and gray tartan77. White Cats77. White Cats78. El Santo78. El Santo79. Nightmare79. Nightmare80. Squiggle Stripes black and white80. Squiggle Stripes black and white81. Black Diamonds81. Black Diamonds82. Calacas BW82. Calacas BW83. Black classic design83. Black classic design84. Black and white polka dots84. Black and white polka dots85. Hand painted Flower85. Hand painted Flower86. Mandala Cats86. Mandala Cats89. Crafty89. Crafty90. Hypnotic Swirls90. Hypnotic Swirls91. Smiley Cats91. Smiley Cats92. Gradient kittens92. Gradient kittens93. Squiggle Rainbow93. Squiggle Rainbow94. Squiggle Stripes94. Squiggle Stripes95. Rainbow Polka Dots95. Rainbow Polka Dots96. Cute Transportation96. Cute Transportation97. Happy Monsters97. Happy Monsters98. Cuddly Felt98. Cuddly Felt
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Choose the fabric for my right leg! there’s over 80 options to chose from! 

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01. Tiny red polka dots, 02. Scarlet, 03. Candy Snow, 04. Black Paws, 05. Candy Cane, 06. Groovie, 07. Ka-pow!, 08. Red Chevron, 09. Dancing hearts, 10. Magenta corduroy, 11. Magenta Rebozo, 12. Colorful roses on Magenta, 13. Cyan Watermelons, 14. Coral Butterflies, 15. Felt ladybugs, 16. Sleepy Birds, 17. Flower Flannel, 18. Happy Owls, 19. Glittery Hearts, 20. Let It Snow, 21. Coral Tie Dye, 22. Orange Stripes, 23. Mapa Mundi, 24. Honey Bee, 25. Bumble Bee, 26. Yellow Polka Dots, 27. Pink roses on Yellow, 28. Yellow Rebozo, 29. Stained Green, 30. Squiggle Green, 31. Chevron Lime, 32. Polka dots Lime, 33. Ladybugs, 34. Gingham Lime, 35. Sage Animals, 36. Lime Foil, 37. Tiffany Cupcakes, 38. S’mores, 39. Chevron Turquoise, 40. Turquoise Tulips, 41. Multicolored Paws, 42. Navy Blue Stamps, 43. Denim back, 44. Denim, 45. Denim Butterflies, 46. Blue Demon, 47. Baby sharks, 48. Turquoise foil, 49. Ocean, 50. Navy and turquoise stripes, 51. Glowing Stars, 52. Fireflies, 53. Navy and yellow tartan, 55. cozy cottages, 56. Roses on Cyan, 57. Seuss Ovo, 58. Pre-hispanic Blue, 59. Lavender Foil, 60. Eggplant Corduroy, 61. Wine Stars, 62. Violet Dots, 63. Lavender Butterflies, 64. Violet Chevron, 65. Lilac Flowers, 66. Amethyst Butterflies, 67. Purple Squares, 68. Purple Corduroy Butterflies, 69. Purple Silver Leaves, 70. Violet Sparkly Felt, 71. Felt Birds, 72. Xmas Joy, 73. Ocelote, 74. Corduroy Owls, 75. Amoeba, 76. Red and gray tartan, 77. White Cats, 78. El Santo, 79. Nightmare, 80. Squiggle Stripes black and white, 81. Black Diamonds, 82. Calacas BW, 83. Black classic design, 84. Black and white polka dots, 85. Hand painted Flower, 86. Mandala Cats, 87. Black Rebozo, 88. Multicolored Rebozo, 89. Crafty, 90. Hypnotic Swirls, 91. Smiley Cats, 92. Gradient kittens, 93. Squiggle Rainbow, 94. Squiggle Stripes, 95. Rainbow Polka Dots, 96. Cute Transportation, 97. Happy Monsters, 98. Cuddly Felt