Upgrade you purchase! for $200 get your personalized Chiquimiau and 12 months of surprise items like clothes, accessories, cute food and stories to compliment your very own Chiquimiau!

What costumers say

It is a beautiful and different well made stuffed animal. My 4 yr old just love it and she was so happy that she was able to choose the fabrics.

- Nynemi Caballero, Texas

Thank you, my Buttercup is so adorable! you made my dream come true!

- Jaspreet Hans, Singapore

Loved my Chiquimiau. Very well made and worth the price!

- Cindy Hecht, New Jersey

Taking my two children on road trips with their Chiquimiaus is like having an extension of home, they spark their creativity, curiosity, confidence and love

- Monica Mendiola, Mexico


Give your Chiquimiau a unique personality by choosing the fabrics of the body, arms and legs, C’mon, be creative! Don’t feel the inspiration? Choose from the amazing pre-designed Chiquimiaus!


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: every custom made Chiquimiau takes 10 days in the making from ordering to shipping. Can’t wait? choose from the awesome pre-designed, unique Chiquimiaus